ADHD workshop

For children and young people

11 February 2022

Psychoeducation, or understanding your own brain wiring is essential for those with ADHD. In this workshop we explore the ADHD brain with fun activities to help children and young people understand the science behind some of their challenges, but more importantly, to see and understand their strengths and potential.

This workshop is for young people who are showing signs/symptoms of, are on the pathway or diagnosed with ADHD/ADD.

Penny Kennedy, ADHD Coach and trainer,
Email: or Emma Parry – Lead Director:

Winter of Well-being Farm Play Session

Tuesday 22nd February

Project Overview:
The aim of the project is to support families with ADHD by providing activities to reconnect
them to the land and their food, consider the ability of fresh, healthy produce and nature
based exercise to alleviate symptoms.

Activities :
Tour of the Farm
Vegetable harvesting and Farm Tasks : possibly harvesting carrots/leeks
Taste testing: salad/kale/carrots/beetroot
Free play: Mud kitchen/puppets/Guttering and balls
Bird Feeder activity

Dance Therapy

Tuesday 22nd February

With Vicky Hole

Vicky is a registered Dance Movement Psychotherapist (DMP), an experienced Dance
Teacher for GCSE and A-Level courses and an Executive/Life Coach. She holds a BSc
(Hons) in Sports Science, a PGCE in Education, an MA in Dance Movement
Psychotherapy and an ILM Level 7 in Coaching and Mentoring. She is a member of the
Association for Dance Movement Psychotherapy UK (ADMP UK). She has recently
filmed a Disco Video for a charity called Aesop to help people get fit and healthy from
home. Her favourite genres are Street, Contemporary & Latin.
Facebook: WholenessDT