Who We Are?

Our Mission

Calon ADHD Project CAP-CIC was created because of a lack of provision and support for young people with a diagnosis of ADHD/ADD and their families/carers. Having been diagnosed myself at 50, watching both my children and grandchildren struggling was the catalyst for change.

Extraordinary Experiences

CAP aims to bring like-minded individuals together, to share experiences, make friends and raise self-esteem and confidence. Helping to show our young people how ADHD, when channelled, can be so positive. We are sensitive visionaries, ideas people, creative entrepreneurs, CAP Crew-saders.

Our Project Aims

We are a non-profit Community Interest Company, aiming to provide support in the form of activities, workshops and training to young people with a diagnosis or on the pathway of ADHD/ADD. Helping channel their energy into positive outlets, enabling them to realise their potential , strengths and abilities. These sessions encourage young people and their families to connect, network and form friendships, gain confidence and boost self esteem by learning new skills and helping to show that when ADHD is channeled it can be so positive!